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on 9/12/22, Gretchen Whitmer for Governor announced the launch of Republicans for Whitmer, a group consisting of more than 150 Republicans from across the state who are supporting Governor Whitmer’s re-election campaign thanks to her work bringing people together to put Michigan first. The group is led by a leadership council of more than 35 prominent Republican Michiganders, including business leaders, former lawmakers, and top staff serving under Governors Engler and Snyder.

“We, as Michiganders, know what a great place this state is to live, work, and recreate. We also know we have a bright future. To reach that future, we all need to work together to revamp education, infrastructure, effective government, job creation, safer communities, vital core cities, and preserving the state’s incredible national resources. We all want the same outcomes,” said Bill Parfet, Chairman and CEO, Northwood Group. “Among those running for election in November, there exists a group of individuals – some Democrats, some Republicans – that are willing to work together to find a common middle-ground where progress can be made… no more fighting. The best person to lead that effort is Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has a proven track record of compromise, understands the issues, and like us, is committed to a great future!”

"Governor Whitmer has proven in her legislative experience and as Governor that she can move a positive agenda forward that is inclusive, healthy, economically viable, and protects our most precious resources,” said Jim Haveman, former Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health under John Engler and Rick Snyder. “We want a state that we can proudly talk about with our kids and grandkids, a Michigan of opportunity, recreation, job stability and compassion. We need a governor who has demonstrated a commitment to listen and to represent us all. Governor Whitmer deserves our support.”

"Governor Whitmer has proven herself as a strong leader who is fighting to make Michigan a better place for everyone – regardless of your party affiliation," said Joe Schwarz, M.D., former U.S. Congressman (MI-07). "During her time as governor, she has focused on growing our economy with major investments, strengthening our skilled workforce, investing in the education of our children, and making government work for us. I know she will continue to advocate on behalf of hardworking Michiganders and that's why I'm proud to support her for re-election this fall."

"I'm a moderate Republican from Grand Rapids and I'm supporting Governor Whitmer for re-election this fall because she fights for Michigan's children, families, and communities," said Judy Frey. "The governor will fight to defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and continue to build on her historic investments in our economy, education, and well-being – that's why I'm voting for Governor Whitmer in November."

The Republicans for Whitmer leadership council includes:
• Jim Haveman, former Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health under John Engler and Rick Snyder
• Jim Murray, Owner of Tradecraft Strategies, former president of AT&T, and former Deputy Chief of Staff for Republican Speaker Rick Johnson
• William G. Milliken, Jr.
• Dan Musser, Chairman, Arnold Freight Co. Mackinac Island
• Bob LaBrant
• Bill Parfet, Chairman and CEO, Northwood Group
•Sidney J. Jansma, Jr.
•Mickey Knight, former State Representative
• Rodney Nelson, former CEO, Mackinac Straits Health System
• Joan Porteous
• Joe Schwarz, M.D., former U.S. Congressman (MI-07)
•David Farbman, Founder & CEO of Rise family of companies, Principal in Farbman Group, Chairman and founder of CarbonTV
• Judy Frey
• Louise Alderson, former Legislative Director under Governor Engler
• Pat Allen
• Roger Elkins, Osceola County Commissioner
•Mel Larsen, former State Senator
• Kurt Berryman
• Mark Miller, former Deputy Chief Operating Officer, MCH
• Doug Hart, former State Representative
• Dennis Cawthorne, former Michigan House Republican Leader
• Mike Pumford, former State Representative
•Jeff Cobb, former Secretary, Michigan State Senate
• Walid Gammouh, LMSW SSW, Multi-Cultural Services Director, ACC
• Stephanie Comai, former Deputy Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and Director of Talent Investment Agency under Governor Snyder
• Tory Rocca, former State Senator
• Sharon Rothwell, former Chief of Staff to Governor Engler
• Doug Rothwell, former Chair, Michigan Economic and Development Corporation (MEDC)
• Ann and Allen Schipper
• Dennis Smith, former CEO of the UP Health Plan
• Marc Speiser, former Chief of Staff to Congressman Schwarz (MI-07)
• Edward Toma
• Jeff Timmer, former Executive Director of Michigan Republican Party
• Mattie Timmer, Business Development Specialist, DTMB
• John Pirich, retired lawyer

Governor Whitmer has signed more than 900 bipartisan bills into law – and secured four balanced, bipartisan budgets and three bipartisan tax cuts. She has grown Michigan’s economy by working across the aisle to secure 25,000 good-paying auto jobs and ensure that the future of auto manufacturing will be made in Michigan, by Michigan workers. Whitmer brought Republicans and Democrats together to deliver $400 checks for every driver in the state – putting $3 billion back in the pockets of Michiganders. Governor Whitmer has brought people together by focusing on the fundamentals that matter the most to Michiganders: good-paying jobs, safe communities, thriving small businesses, resilient infrastructure, and high-quality education.

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