Cupcakes & Candidates in June

Come to Lakeview to meet candidates for local and state races and to purchase baked goods from local Dems!

Lakeside Park, Lakeview Michigan
June 25th, 11am to 2pm

MDP Voting Hotline

On the Hotline we guide voters about voting laws and deadlines, we help them determine what steps they will need to take to cast their vote on election day or during the absentee voting period when they can request to vote by mail.

Polling station sign door

Write-In Precinct Delegates!

A Quick FAQ:

Just because the deadline to be on the ballot has passed doesn't mean you can't be a Write In candidate. Simply visit the clerk in Stanton and they will help you with the paperwork. 
You still need to let the county know you will be a write-in candidate. Simply writing in your name on a ballot will not be enough.
Q: What is a Precinct Delegate?
A: The representative of your neighborhood Dems.
Q: Do I have to attend meetings?
A: NO!
Q: Do I have to attend a convention?
A: NO!
Q: Does it cost money?
A: NO!
Q: Do I need to fill anything out?
A: Yes, the Montcalm County Clerk with have an application for you.
Q: What is my commitment?
A: The term lasts two years. Everything beyond that is up to you. There are no required meetings or costs or hidden filings. We just want you to add your voice to the process!
Q: Are you sure there are no meetings?
A: You can go to zero meetings or 100 meetings, it's up to you!
Q: Sounds good. How do I do this?
A: Fill out an affidavit with the County Clerk in Stanton.

Email the Montcalm Dems if you have any other questions! [email protected]

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