Opportunities to Help at Polling Places

The mission of the Michigan Democratic Party Voter Protection Team is to protect voting rights and help elect Michigan Democrats up and down the ticket! We are recruiting volunteers in all areas of voter protection to ensure that voters can access a ballot and have their votes counted during the 2022 midterm elections.

After being trained, Election Day Poll Challengers serve as our team’s eyes and ears on the ground at polling locations on Election Day. They observe the process and intervene with election officials as needed, to make sure that voters are able to cast a ballot that counts. Our Challengers do NOT challenge voters; rather, they advocate for voters. Poll Challengers must be registered to vote in Michigan and they receive credentials from the MDP. 

Some volunteers serve as Counting Board Challengers. After training, volunteers will be assigned to a counting room to observe the process, intervene with election officials as needed, and report any issues to the Voter Protection Team. Counting Board Challengers must be registered to vote in Michigan and they receive credentials from the MDP. Ready to take the next step? Sign up for a training here! For volunteers willing to come to Detroit for Election Day, we are actively seeking volunteers to join our Detroit Counting Board team for election day, evening, and next morning shifts. Let us know you’re ready to protect the count. 

After being trained, Pre-Election Day “Early Vote” Challengers create a flexible schedule to visit an assigned clerk’s office each week during the Early Voting period (40 days before Election Day) to make sure that absentee ballots are being issued upon request, all relevant rules are being followed, and that there are no impediments to in-person absentee voting. 

Cure Team members contact voters whose voted absentee ballots have been marked as rejected by their clerk. Reasons for rejection include missing signature, mismatched signature, or address change. Team members notify the voter of the need to cure their ballots, and instruct them on how to make sure their ballot will be counted. This role can be done remotely and is active during the month before Election Day. Sign up for a shift here: https://www.mobilize.us/midemsvopro/event/492768/ 


Providing voters with accurate information is critical and is the primary task of our Hotline Volunteers. Volunteers will be trained on software that allows you to accept calls remotely and answer questions from voters across the state. They also do voter and volunteer outreach in their downtime. This role can be done remotely. Sign up for training here: https://www.mobilize.us/midemsvopro/event/491432/

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